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My Books for Children

Early Christian Education

With our education system failing to meet simple Christian values it falls upon us as parents, grandparents, and Christian educators to meet those needs.

I offer an easy solution

My Children's books offer easy to comprehend lessons from the Bible that are taught with hands on efficiency to create a good solid Christian foundation for the child.

Confidence in Love for Christ

Be confident that your child will grow up in the love of Christ and walk into adulthood with the facts, not the fiction.

My Other Books

Christian Faith

Accepting Christ and to abide by what the Bible teaches us.  To honor God and always exist in his guiding light.  Living your life to serve and love the Lord.

When the Stars Fall Down

This book is about my life as a Christian and how I found a like-minded mate to love, grow, and live in accordance to God's guidance and a will to follow in Christ's footsteps.

Widening the Church Doors to Teach the Narrow Way

Understanding the dynamics involved in church life and to work to achieve a state of successful and beneficial outreach that allows significant growth for parishioners by church leaders and their staff.

Helpful Information

 Below you will find helpful informative brochures and fact sheets.  Currently available is a pamphlet I created properly entitled "What A Child Should Know" which contains Bible verses that every child being brought up in the Christian faith should know... and can serve as a quick refresher for adults as well. 

What a child should know (pdf)



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